Our mission

Our mission

Digitalization. Museum website

Digitalization of collections today is a priority for all museums in Ukraine, including the Museum of Book and Printing of Ukraine.

  • digitization of the most valuable exhibits in the collection
  • creation the virtual collection
  • image catalog
  • electronic museum catalog
  • free access to the museum’s online collection through the website


The Museum conducts ongoing research into its own collection. Our employees write articles, organise exhibitions, produce catalogues and attend scientific conferences. Moreover, the Museum often collaborates in academic research.

It also provides scientific services to other institutions, specialists and students, and to the general public.

Research (Scientific work)

More than 20 exhibitions in Museum every year:

  • «Drawings of Italian painters 16-18 centuries from the funds of National Museum in Lviv» Lviv-Kiev (april-july 2014);
  • «Terra» (Paintings of K. Kosianenko, December 2018 – March 2019);
  • «Italian and French printing houses and ligatures of the XVII – XVIII centuries.
  • Collection of Italian and French miniature and small-format editions from private collection» (2020);
  • Biennale «Watercolour Album 2020»
  • «Kotliarevsky and SuchUkrLit» (2020);
  • «ART IS NEVER FINISHED /Sasha Prachova» – March-April 2021);
  • «Dante – il poeta del desiderio» (2021)

Graphic works from the Museum’s collection have been presented in other museum institutions of Ukraine – National Art Museum of Ukraine, Art Arsenal, National Museum named by Sheptytsky in Lviv, National Reserve “Sophia of Kyiv», Odessa, Lviv, Ostrog, Kharkhiv.

Museum publications

Museum publications inspire to better knowing and understanding our cultural heritage. They invite readers to explore and appreciate of the old printing books, works of art: their aesthetics and ingenuity, their making and materiality, their history and conservation.

Thanks them Museum of Book and Printing of Ukraine is more visible and accessible to researchers and visitors.